Sunday, 8 January 2012

Is it really that long since my last update?

OK, firstly apologies to all those interested in Vicki's progress, it's been over 6 months since my last post, but it many ways that's good news as it means that nothing untoward has happened and that things are progressing nicely doesn't it?

Yes that's exactly what it means. Vicki's hospital visits are down to every other month, and no more blood letting, hurrah! This was starting to get a real bind so it's great to have that behind us.

Christmas has come and gone (sighs) and we're in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Olympic year. Vicki is in her 2nd year at Catering college and her progress is excellent. She just needs to square the circle by finding some gainful employment so if anyone out there needs a young enthusiastic chef please let me know! Once she's working I know that she'll probably want to start learning to drive so with this real independance will ensure. Wow, who'd thought that a few years back?

Finally life is starting to geel normal, what ever that is! :-)

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