Saturday, 28 August 2010

The results are in!

Missing nearly all of Year 11 is not exactly ideal preparation for your GCSEs so it would have been reasonable to expect a meagre return from the 2010 exam season. Far from it, Vicki passed everyone! Well done, I am so, so proud of you. Needing 4 GCSE's E grades to get onto the catering course that Vicki had picked was the target. I am thrilled to tell you that she far exceeded that. With a B in Maths, and a C in General Studies among the highlights, Vicki got double the 112 points needed to gain a place at College.

This is a major milestone, not least because it means she won't have to redo Year 11, and also because it means that she won't have to compromise and do a 'lesser' course. Given the last 12 months, this is a major achievement, and heralds the dawn of a new era for my little princess who will be starting college in just over a weeks time. Yet another event that I thought I may never see. What a summer, who cares about the weather!

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